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CREATURE CREATIONS at Anderson Ranch Art Center in Snowmass | CO (Ages 9-12) ...starting June 18th...(EVENT PASSED)!


June 18, 19, 20, 21 + 22

DAYS: Monday - Friday

9 AM - 3 PM

9 -12

TUITION: 470.00

ENROLL: via Anderson Ranch Art Center in Snowmass | CO

Look to the world’s most endangered animals as your inspiration to make art in this environmentally-focused workshop. Examine what qualities certain species to be at risk of extinction and how we can help protect animals now and in the future. We use our art skills to bring awareness to these animals first through drawing then through printmaking. We begin drafting using Sharpies and pencils, then look at a variety of source materials to better learn the unique traits of our choice of animals and how we can best depict them. We finalize our drawings and learn how to transfer, carve and print our animal illustrations using Soft Kut linoleum blocks. Additional materials include animal print paper, colorful block printing inks and bold line work to produce truly unique creations. Before the week is out we also create a multimedia piece that incorporates upcycled goods, faux furs, and our very own prints!

Ami Maes is the Founder and Creative Director of HANDMAKERY: A Children’s Art Studio. Located in beautiful Carbondale, Colo., the studio focuses on inspiring, expressing and creating art with children. She has instructed workshops at Anderson Ranch Arts Center and throughout the Roaring Fork Valley over the past 20 years. Ami is the recipient of the Mary Ellen Nix Excellence in Art Teaching Award through the Aspen Art Museum.
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